Dewalt DCD795D2 Compact Brushless Drill Review: Best 20v Cordless Drill

One of the most versatile and reliable cordless drills on the market is the Dewalt cordless hammer drill. Having the support of a world-renowned brand such as Dewalt, you can be confident that the DCD795D2 20V drill bests the competition. The lightweight body of this drill allows it to fit in tight spaces.

This tool is the perfect tool for home improvement users who are building decks or attaching decking boards. Building heavy-duty garage shelving, or just about any other project you throw at it – it’s a powerful tool!

Why Dewalt DCD795D2 is Best 20v Compact Brushless Drill ?

I bought Dewalt DCD795D2 drill a few months ago and have used it plenty since then. What I think about it. This drill was used briefly for a range of different projects with results that (From my perspective) were not of ‘professional’ quality. Hence, these were simple projects in comparison to what many contractors or construction workers would put this drill through on a daily basis. The power of this drill, the ease with which I changed bits, and the battery life have all pleasantly surprised me.


Speed2000 RPM
Power Sourcelithium-ion
Material‎Plastic, Metal
Item Weight3.5 pounds


  • 3-year warranty
  • Lightweight 
  • Performance increased with a lithium-ion battery.


  • Little Bit Expensive
  • The drill chuck had an excessive wobble

Features of Dewalt DCD795D2 Cordless Drill:

Extremely Powerful:

I used it to hang some shelves in my garage using homemade shelving I made. The boards were made out of two by fours that were screwed together. I wanted to mount them using 4-inch lag screws. Generally, I avoid cordless drills for these types of projects because the power is not enough. After recently purchasing this Dewalt, I thought I would give it a try. Not only did it not disappoint, but it exceeded expectations. It is my estimate that I drove in 15-20 lag screws, and the drill did a good job of pushing them in.

Changing bits:

Change of bits is arguably the most frustrating part of many cordless drills. There are a lot of times when you have to put down what you’re doing to grapple with the chuck and pull out your bit, and it’s always a pain in the buttocks. It was super easy to change bits on the DCD795D2 Cordless Drill.

Battery longevity:

Almost all of my positive remarks about this drill could be attributed to its battery life. It is common for the drill to lose power when the battery runs out. Battery life was exceptionally long in this drill due to the lithium-ion technology.

Basic Information Of Dewalt DCD795D2 Compact Brushless Drill

Weighs 3.6 pounds, comes with 3-year limited manufacturer warranty average battery life of 24 hours, 2 lithium-ion batteries, small design, energy star certified, 20-volt battery, brushless motor, two-speed transmission, LED lights, half-inch ratcheting chuck, 20-second trigger delay, and fast charger.

The DCD795D2 is intended to be relatively maintenance-free, but it is essential that the following tips are followed. To ensure a clean drill, it helps to blow out any openings or internal cavities after use using compressed air. Clean your drill with a damp rag after construction or cleaning to remove debris.

A number of different accessories can be paired with the Dewalt drill. We have belt clips, brushes, extra batteries, contractor bags, and assorted bits.

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