Impact Driver vs. Drill: Can you use an Impact Driver as a Drill?

It is a hot topic among the technical persons that is an impact driver and drill are same? Or is there any difference between them? Hold tight, we bring some facts for you to clear this ambiguity of impact driver and drill. Let us describe some general differentiation between drills and impact drivers first and then we will answer these questions.

Impact Driver vs. Drill

Impact Driver vs. Drill

If we describe the difference of both drills and impact drivers, the difference is only of power and rotating speed (RPM or Revolution per minuter). Besides drill, impact drivers give short and quick shanks. They produce much rotating force that is capable of rotating a screw into a hard surface like wood in seconds.

If we talk about impact drivers’ working, the overall mechanism permits the driver to build higher torque than drills and quick shanks. The average of these bursts (impacts) is about 50 times in a second, and they are called impact drivers due to this quality. They work in one step back and two steps forward pattern and fully engage the screws than a drill. It rotates the screws with almost the same speed in both forward and reverse directions. The driver bit is slips often from the driver.

Unlike impact drivers, they produce more burst and speed for deep penetration in the surface like a block of concrete, wall, or another drilling surface. They also produce collusive force to make the holes deep in different manners. Basically, it is a combination of both the speed and burst, and we adjust both of these according to the application. We use drills mostly in one direction than the impact drivers. These are the major differences, and now is the time to answer your main question.

Are Drills and Impact Drivers are same?

Most people are confused about this question and find it very hard to choose between drills and impact drivers. The answer to this question is straightforward that Drills and Impact Drivers are not the same, but they have some similarities that confuse people. We have already discussed the general differences between them.

The fact impact driver vs drill driver is, both can be used in alternative of other but just in some applications like if you want to tighten or loosen a screw, you can do it with drill too. But the drill is not made for this application. For example, hammer drills are different from general-purpose drills and are used for various applications. Drills are made to move the bit back and forth other than just rotating like impact drivers. The to and fro motions make it easy to drill in concrete, bricks, and blocks, etc.

Shortly, we can say that it usually depends on the application type you need an impact driver or drill. There are some circumstances where you can use them alternatively but in just a few conditions. As it is clear now, both are different, and now it is up to you to observe the application and select what you need?

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